Tools for Creative Writers

What are the best creative writing tools? It looks like there are hundreds to thousands of free tools and applications for creative writers, so the selection is obviously difficult especially when the writer has just joined the writing field and does not know much about how to select and use these tools. Here is a list of the most interesting writing tools, gadgets, and applications for you to get started.

Hemingway App

According to brandname, it is the best gadget for writers as Hemingway App helps you check the text for passive voice, readability, phrasing issues and excessive use of adverbs. It means you can improve the overall quality of your work using this application and can get rid of useless and meaningless words, especially the sentences which contain passive voice can be rephrased instantly.

Canlit Generator

It is a portable writing device for essay writers and helps those who are in need of story ideas or pitches. With Canlit Generator, you can easily get the premise of a story to move on with the text. Some of the premises are sad, some are ridiculous, some are funny, and some are sad, and the best part of this application is that you can use it as many times as you want to come up with unique and best ideas.


Grammarly needs no introduction. It is the best word processor for creative writing and is used by almost all writers, students, and professional service providers. It may take you a lot of time to read and edit every sentence, and you can save your precious time and energy with Grammarly. This tool is used and trusted for editing and proofreading the written material so that the grammatical and spelling errors are fixed within seconds.

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